This describes the significant and/or user-visible changes in each released version of the program, in order from most recent to oldest.

2021-03-04 Version 1.1204

Allow choice of year all the way back to 1993, rather than only the 3 years preceding the current one.

2019-01-03 Version 1.1203

Rebuild with current data files that include the new "Indian Ocean and Red Sea" region.

2017-12-28 Version 1.1202

Rebuild with updated library to fix error on Mac OS X 10.13 ("Symbol not found: _inflateValidate").

The app now does a better job of detecting and handling corrupted data files.

Fixed bug that crashed the app when loading old surveys that used survey types that are no longer available (e.g., NE Species Only).

2016-05-05 Version 1.1201

Restore Total Species count to Confirm page; a typo in version 1.1200 inadvertently rendered it invisible.

2016-02-06 Version 1.1200

Support new maximum and average depths for all regions and surveys.

Don't list survey types that are no longer supported.

Include Alaska zones in geographic zone search for Pacific Northwest & Alaska surveys.

2013-07-22 Version 1.1101

On the front page, the Next Step button will now open the selected survey, if one is selected. If no survey is selected, it will switch to the Member Info page as before.

2013-07-20 Version 1.1100

Introduce new front page, listing surveys that have been entered and facilitating convenient perusal and manipulation of them.

2013-07-19 Version 1.1005

Change the default view (species list) to be the underwater paper rather than the scanform.

Change the starting page to be the Confirm page when opening existing surveys, and the Part 1 page if the member info is already filled in.

Change how the automatic check for updates is handled, and fix a spurious error that could be reported if new data files were installed after the user had chosen to quit the program.

Fix other minor bugs.

Update builtin data files.

2013-06-28 Version 1.1002

Fix problem preventing some Windows users from successfully updating data files.

Don't bother the user about saving the survey if the member id and/or last name are the only things that have changed since the survey was started.

Make the list of choices for dive start time begin with 7 am and end with 6 am.

Fix bug preventing display of geographic zone names for the NE region on the Confirm page.

Add a Delete Survey... option to the File menu.

Cosmetic changes on first (member info) page, and make tabbing from the Last Name field skip the Check For Updates Now button.

Bundled data files are up to date as of 2013-06-28 12:55 pm PST.

Add release notes. :-)

2013-06-22 Version 1.1001

In response to user feedback, check for updates after uploading surveys, rather than before.

If we fail to install newly downloaded data files, capture and present more error information to assist in debugging the problem.

2013-06-19 Version 1.1000

First beta-testing release.